true love hurts.

Liam Kocijan.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


From the heart,

It sucks to see someone not being able to do what they love. Anything is possible but chances are most realities are never reached due to the redundancy of survival in our everyday lives. Seeing someone looking out from a window or coming up to me at the end of class from watching a far and saying “yo Lando, that class was nasty! I wish i could take it but i got to figure out a way to eat for the week” sucks to hear. That is only from one person amongst many.

Not everyone gets to have the luxury of a job or parents with good income. I thank my parents for keeping our family going and keeping the creativity with humor alive.

As the time goes by and the economy starts to fluctuate we are not all able to do what we love to do all the time. It takes money to pay for all these classes you dancers love taking so much. So i decided one day to just make a 2 hour workshop filled with fun and knowledge for all the broke dancers out in LA lol. It was fun and impactful and i appreciate all those who came out and shared their MONEY!!!!! muahahahaha. 2 dollars is all it was. Not sure if i will do this again but, who knows what the MIND OF LANDO will bring ;)


WOW what he did was really amazing!!!

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#TBT.. Kind of..? Hahaha safe travels brotha @brianpuspos.. See you again soon..! @moswantedcrew #RussianRoulette #FUCKTHISSHIT #MDubGang #KubSkoutz


#TBT.. Kind of..? Hahaha safe travels brotha @brianpuspos.. See you again soon..! @moswantedcrew #RussianRoulette #FUCKTHISSHIT #MDubGang #KubSkoutz

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